We love spring at Willow Green Gardens. The grass greens, the flowers bloom, the trees bud, and people start to think about adding to their landscape and planting their garden. But maybe our favorite time of year is fall. Looking out over 50 acres of trees turning beautiful colors of orange, red, yellow, and purple is truly a site to behold. And it is the time of year when you can get up close and personal with the perfect trees for your home or business. Not sure what you’re looking for? We have a number of ornamental trees that will add wonderful color and fragrance to your landscape.


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Willow Green Gardens’ “Tree Tagging Time” begins the day after Labor Day. This is that special time of year when you have the opportunity to roam our growing fields and pick out that perfect tree or trees for your landscape project. Whether looking for shade trees, ornamental trees or trees to add privacy, we have more options that you’ll know what to do with.

Each year, we invite you to come and select the trees you desire. Take your time, enjoy a walk, find that perfect tree and tag it with your name. Once those trees go dormant, that is the time to dig them from our fields and plant them in your yard. You are notified when your trees are dug and then you can pick them up and plant them yourself or have one of our quality landscaping crews do the work for you. Either way, Willow Green Gardens can provide you with the shade, fall color, or spring beauty that your yard is longing for.

Willow Green Gardens’ “Tree Tagging Time” is a lot of fun for the whole family. Bring your outdoor shoes and make it a date this fall!

Can’t wait until fall? We always have lots of shade, privacy and ornamental trees ready for pick up or delivery any time of the year!


No matter which location you visit, our staff is eager to help you with your landscape design ideas. If you need help putting together your vision, stop by with a sketch and we’ll help you choose the right plants for your property. And we’re always available by phone to answer any landscape questions you have. We love helping our customers fulfill their homeowner dreams.