Landscaping shrubs come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, so you have many choices when designing your project. Use them to define a specific area, like a garden bed or divider, or to add color during the seasons. Be sure to consider the space you’re working with so you know the height and width you need, as well as when it blooms and what plants complement each other.

Shrubs should be planted in the fall or early spring for best results.

Below are a few landscaping shrub recommendations from our staff. Use these as inspiration for your next project!


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For a plant that’s both hardy and serves a purpose, choose a Butterfly Bush. Yes, these plants attract butterflies to your garden, instantly creating a sense of calm and beauty. They’re available in many sizes, but we recommend the dwarf types for easier maintenance.

Scent and Sensibility Lilacs bloom several times a season and provide some great aromas as well.

Butterfly Bush

Scent and Sensibility Lilacs


For areas that receive sun in the morning but are shaded in the afternoon, we suggest the Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica. It blooms delicate white flowers in the spring and bright red in the leaves of new growth, providing interest all year.

One of our favorites is the Cityline Paris Hydrangeas. The colors are outstanding and will add pop to any outdoor space.

Mountain Fire Pieris Japonica

Cityline Paris Hydrangeas


Some plants are suited to shade and do not require direct sunlight. A favorite of ours is Rainbow Leucothoe with delicate white blooms in the spring and new growth that appears in pinks and whites. It is an evergreen, so you’ll get beautiful red, green and white foliage all year long. Use it as a hedge, grow it in a container, or add to a shrub or garden bed.


No matter which location you visit, our staff is eager to help you with your landscape design ideas. If you need help putting together your vision, stop by with a sketch and we’ll help you choose the right plants for your property. And we’re always available by phone to answer any landscape questions you have. We love helping our customers fulfill their homeowner dreams.