Perennials are plants that grow year after year and are found in most yards and gardens. Evergreen perennials keep their leaves all year long, while other perennials grow and bloom during certain seasons and may be bare in the winter. Grow them in window boxes or containers,

add them to your them to your garden, or use them to complement your shrubs and trees. You don’t have to worry about re-planting every year, and they often continue to increase in size, giving you the option to divide the plant and add to other areas of your landscape.

Perennials are a favorite among gardeners due to their variety and ability to last year after year. Check out a few of our recommendations below to fill out your landscape for many years to come.


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For sunny areas, consider Chrysanthemums. Blooms come in a wide range of colors, including white, red, purple and blue. Plant yellow and orange mums in garden beds or containers to add a pop of fall color to your landscape. They love the sunshine, so plant them away from the shade and they’ll reward you with a multitude of flowers.


When planting in partial shade/sun, peonies are a favorite perennial and have a place in nearly every garden. Ranging in colors from purple red to yellow or white, their fragrant flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. They prefer good drainage and air circulation, and they really thrive when they receive afternoon shade. It may take up to three years after planting to bloom, but once they do, they’ll bloom for a lifetime.


For shade areas, hostas, coral bell, and astilbe are reliable perennials that you see in yards and gardens all over this region. They tolerate shade well and serve as a nice backdrop for other brightly-colored flowering plants. Be sure they have good drainage, and they’ll be fully mature in four to eight years.


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