Bringing the inside out has become more of a theme for today’s homeowners. HGTV and the DIY network have exploded interest in creating outdoor living spaces. Rock landscaping is a great low-maintenance option for your property. The planting of trees and shrubs is what we call softscape. Hardscape is what we call it when you utilize stone, brick, timbers, decking, pavers, lighting and more to create a unique outdoor environment. It’s easy to think about plants and not consider rock landscaping, but for great design, it’s best to incorporate both elements. When you combine softscape and hardscape, you can create your ultimate outdoor oasis.


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Construct an eye-catching rock garden on a steep slope to guard against erosion, or use stone to build a retaining wall to create a more level yard. Stone or brick can be used to border garden beds, walkways, or to frame a particular area as a focal point for your yard. Timbers can also be used for retaining walls and can sometimes serve as additional outdoor seating.


If you like the idea of a garden but want to keep things simple, you can create a container garden. Designate an area of your yard to be free of grass and instead covered with a layer of small rocks. You can add containers of various sizes to showcase plants and flowers. This cuts down on weeding and makes watering and maintenance simple to manage.


Nothing adds to your outdoor experience more than fire and water. Add a nice fire pit or fireplace to sit around on those cool evenings. How about a water feature complete with the sounds of a babbling brook? What a relaxing way to spend some time at home.


No matter what hardscape you choose, there are many ways to use rock landscaping to your benefit. If you’re not sure where to start, just ask one of the Willow Green Gardens staff members and we’ll help figure out how to create your ultimate outdoor experience.


No matter which location you visit, our staff is eager to help you with your landscape design ideas. If you need help putting together your vision, stop by with a sketch and we’ll help you choose the right plants for your property. And we’re always available by phone to answer any landscape questions you have. We love helping our customers fulfill their homeowner dreams.