Annual flowers are plants that go through its entire life cycle in one growing season. They can start from a seed, grow into a flowering plant, and produce its own seeds in a relatively short time. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures that give you plenty of options. Plant a window box, create a container garden, or line the house or sidewalk with an array of pleasing hues and aromas.

You can start your annual flowers from seeds or choose a plant from our Garden Center and transplant it to your space. Use the seeds from your new flowers to grow them again next spring.

While it may seem like planting every year is time-consuming, annual flowers can greatly benefit your landscaping project by adding a pop of color or filling in an area that you want to change every year.


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For areas that receive full-sun, try planting Petunias. There are two different kinds: some have large flowers and work best in containers or hanging baskets, while others have smaller flowers and are ideal for borders and garden beds. These colorful flowers range from pink and purple to yellow and white.


Geraniums are an easy-to-grow plant that add color and fragrance to your landscape. While the red and white varieties tend to be the most popular, don’t overlook the pink, blue, and violet hues to add vibrant color to your landscape.


Annual flowers that need partial shade are widely available and versatile. Begonias do well in a variety of conditions and are fairly easy to maintain. Give them plenty of water and some fertilizer for best results.



Impatiens are a great option to fill out your shaded areas. Their blooms come in almost every color imaginable, giving great color all season. Well-suited for growing in the ground or in containers, keep one in a bright spot in your house for a year-round indoor plant.



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